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Golem (kratki animirani film)

Film Patrika Mekjua i Tobajasa Vajznera  Golem je nastao  na osnovu  priče Golem XIV, Stanislava Lema iz 1973.godine. U priči, vojni kompjuter je stekao svest i prestaje da pruža  vojnu podršku jer otkriva fundamentalni nedostatak unutrašnje  logičke konzistentnosti rata. Golem predaje nekoliko lekcija o poziciji čovečanstva u procesu evolucije i mogućoj biološkoj i umnoj  budućnosti pre nego što prekine dalju komunikaciju.

If you place a huge pack of rats into a labyrinth, at least one of the rats will find the exit. The rats successful escape is not related to it’s intelligence nor is it a wonder or something mysterious, given the law of averages it would very surprising if none of the rats will able to find the way out!

When you came into being, you found yourself with the mind you did  not choose, evolution has thrown you out of status of animal like instinctive survival. Evolution gave you intellect which provided the possibility of being aware of your existence, evolution gave you freedom to design your own fate. You had freedom of choice in abundance but limited intelligence so, you would not aware of your origin and destiny.

In this endless freedom of thought you found no answers to these basic matters of human being. Only a myriad choice of idea lost in a deep dark hole of uncertainty. Your own significance was a mystery that you could not understand, your mind encountered emptiness behind things wondering freely and without purpose.

This freedom of choice in its multitude and randomness led to burnout and confusion, as a consequence you got rid-off freedom  to find security and meaning in self constructed cultures. Unaware, you have started to plug this hole of uncertainty with myths and cultures over 1000s of years. Several bitter and sweet perceptions were necessary to add dignity to your lonely fate and to justify your existence on earth. You held  demons, elements, spirits, powers of earth and sun responsible for the birth of the culture. But never yourself!

Culture is an unusual instrument, an invention unknowingly deployed and only effective as long as it remains intransprent to the founder. So you have the rational, done in an irrational way, that means to fill the void with targets, values, and rituals by justifying your decision with fictions. Paradoxically this instrument collapses when it becomes transparent.

You were confronted again with big hole. You realize  with the shock that you half way there, and those of you who have desiring desperately to be back in the sweet unconsciousness of slavery in the golden cage of culture are crying loud to return to the sources. But there is no going back…the bridges are burned… you must go forward …you have no choice… you will not manage to fail like heroes …you will not win in a traditional way … you will go over your limits and enter… an age of metamorphosis.”

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6 thoughts on “Golem (kratki animirani film)

  1. E ne znam da li si video ovo, ja sam ga još davno skinuo, ali nikako da ga pogledam pa ti ne mogu reći svoje impresije:

  2. E generalno sam nesto pretrazivao net, i koliko vidim, niko npr nije prevodio intervjue sa Lemom, mozda ne bi bilo lose, prevesti neki. Sta mislis o tome?

  3. Bilo bi lepo, ali je poprilično kompleksan za prevođenje. Preveo sam ovaj tekst iznad ali nisam zadovoljan kako je ispalo pa sam ipak postovao engl. verziju.

  4. to je ono, kada u 8 minuta stane sve. hvala. hvala i Izmedju za ovak drugi film.

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